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College Admissions – Record Numbers Of Students Rejected, Again

Why do most people purchase mutual funds and hold them long term? Is it because the fund managers are telling you to do this? There are two reasons your mutual fund managers tell you to buy and hold and not to sell. One reason is to earn them money and the other reason is to earn you money. And it is in that order. Have you ever researched any historical facts on this logic?

At the onset, Facebook was exclusively for Harvard students. Now, Facebook is available to everyone in more than 207 countries with more than 500 million users.

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Leaving politics in 1970, Mr. Gifford worked on major development projects for several years at Cabot, Cabot & Forbes, a real estate company in Boston, then went off to forge his own business deals.

Set Goals – A Harvard University study showed that those who succeed have clear, specific, written goals. Do you really want to be the exception? Get that paper out and start setting some goals for your network marketing business today.

What he did: He was able to reduce his workload enough to spend two evenings each week with his family. He also plays tennis twice a week and reads for three hours. He joined the board of his former high school, where he feels he can contribute in a meaningful way to the next generation.

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Recently I was listening to an audio series by Stuart Wilde, and he was discussing how we have trusted advisers everywhere in our lives. He was sharing how the enlightened teachers are not only the gurus and the masters that present themselves as teachers and lead millions of people. But it is also a newborn child, a “bum” write my paper write my paper 4 me discount someone to write my college paper on the street, the waiter at your favorite restaurant, the DJ in a strip club, the person putting in your cable and the neighbor you always fight with. Everyone is our teacher. And we are also teachers to everyone around us.

Very early in his life, he was brought up in a religious environment. He took the word of God seriously. Adams father was also very religious and played a huge role in Adams young life. His father encouraged Adams to study, know religion and to do his best. With his fathers support, he went on to continue his education. At age fourteen, he went to Harvard college. He got a Bachelor degree in theology. He then became interested in politics. He began to feel that British control over the colonies was unjust and began relating to John Locke’s opinions. The theory of “life, health, liberty, or possessions” and being born with rights completely caught Adams attention. He began to dream of a free nation and began to dream of a government where the rights of the citizens would be protected.

Everything requires work, but you can work smarter if you have a plan. People work every day, but at the end of the week some wonder what they have accomplished. Prepare a check list that you can check off as you accomplish a task. Sometimes, if I do something that wasn’t on my list, I write it down and check it off. It not only gives me satisfaction, but it also keeps a record of what I have accomplished. At the end of the week you will know exactly what you did, and if you are closer to your goal.

In closing, all I am saying is be careful and skeptical of anything that you hear in the self help genre. Listen carefully and see if their is any scientific basis to back up the statement you hear. This has become especially important now that self help is the hot niche among internet marketers who really have no clue as to what is really important to self fulfillment.

Attend Events – My definition of an event is a yearly company convention, a regional meeting, a local weekly meeting and even a webinar or conference call. Events allow you to build momentum and develop personal development skills. Every leader that I know in network marketing attends events. They do it for a reason. It fuels their business. Again, this goes back to being a copy cat if nothing else.

I guess that the moral of the story is, if you love your dog keep it safe. If it is worth a few dollars keep it locked up or at the very lease get some pet insurance.